How It's Made

We build primarily from Zambezi Teak, Africa's finest hardwood. Our timber is sourced from sustainably managed indigenous forests, or reclaimed sources. As such it will have natural characteristics such as knots and stress cracks. These are never allowed to compromise the integrity of the products and add greatly to their attractiveness.

Superb construction using time proven joints of the highest quality. Our artisans have been trained in the intricate wood working skills of the dovetail joint (typically used in drawer and box construction), stopped dovetail (joining large cabinet sides) and sliding dovetail joints (difficult, but the strongest way to fit shelves and drawer fronts). Our mortice and tennon joints are perfectly constructed to fine tolerances, pegged with matching dowels. This outstanding construction is what allows us to give a lifetime guarantee on most products.

Only solid hardwood is used right through our products, including hidden parts such as drawer sides & bases, cabinet backs, inside carcasses. No hardboard, plywood or other man-made boards used.

Original, exciting designs. New designs introduced on a regular basis.

A selection of the finest lacquered, oiled, waxed or raw finishes available.

An investment of a lifetime, for many lifetimes.